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How you should Buy an Air Conditioner in NYC

It’s hot New Yorkers! On the back of this major and sudden heat wave I hope you have planned ways to keep cool this summer! One thing that no person living in NYC should be without this summer however, is air conditioning. If your apartment complex does not offer central air conditioning, and let’s face it, most do not, you’re going to need to purchase your own air conditioning NYC unit.

Air conditioning NYC – Keep these tips in mind

Two types of air conditioners: There are two kinds of air conditioners that you can use in this type of situation. They are the portable air conditioner and the windows unit air conditioner.

Portables save space: Yep, there’s a reason they got this name! Also, if you’re only going to be living in your current apartment for a short-term which is a lot of people in NYC, air conditioners like this one are a great option for moving from place-to-place.

Portables only cool one room: For the apartment liver in NYC, air conditioners such as the portable variety are really only useful for cooling a single room at a time. This is great, if, say, your only need is to cool your bedroom.

Window units bring the power: As compared to portables, most people find window unit air conditioners bring more power which makes them particularly useful in situations like the current heat wave we’re having in NYC.

How much power: You’ll need about 35 BTUs per square foot to keep your apartment cool. Multiply your square footage by 35 to get the rough number you’ll need from your air conditioner.

Cost: A 5,000 BTU air conditioner which is small will run about $250. You’ll get an 8,000 BTU unit for about, oh, $450. Anything larger (they can get up to 24,000 BTUs) might cost you upwards of $800. Expect to pay about $100 for installation if you don’t do it yourself.

Air conditioning nyc units are not just an option, they’re practically a necessity to keep cool during the sweltering summer heat waves. If you don’t have central AC then you probably need to buy either a portable or window-unit air conditioner. Keeping the above tips in mind, you should have the information you need to purchase your next air conditioner.

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