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The Cause Of Frozen AC Units

How many times have you driven by a home and noticed that their AC unit turned into a block of ice? Maybe this is something that you’ve experienced once or twice in a lifetime. If not, you will likely experience it eventually. This is because it is an extremely common problem and why it pays to understand what causes it. Frozen AC units on a hot New York summer night is something no homeowner wants to deal with so learn how to combat the problem.

Blocked Or Lack Of Airflow

An AC unit needs adequate airflow to function properly. This is especially true for the evaporator section of the unit. When the evaporator does get the adequate airflow required, it will cause the entire unit to freeze up. That being said, there are several reasons that your evaporator section might not be getting the required airflow. Maybe your blower is down, maybe your filter is blocked, or perhaps, your ductwork is clogged. Whatever the situation, this is going to result in a frozen unit. Solution: The best thing to do is to put the unit into defrost if you can. There is a command for most units that allow you to force them into the defrost mode. If you are unsure how to do this, you can power the unit off and power it back on. You can also power the fan on, check, and replace the filter.

Leaking Refrigerant

One of the most common causes of a frozen unit is leaking Freon or refrigerant. When there are leaks it causes a drop in pressure in the evaporator coil. This in turn causes moisture to accumulate in the system where it will freeze. Solution: Unfortunately, repairing a leak can be extremely difficult for an average homeowner. You’ll likely have to turn to a trained professional, as refrigerant is not readily sold and you’ll need gauges to put in the system. In addition to this, you’ll need to know how much to put in. The refrigerant can either be weighed in or properly adjusted according to temperatures and pressure. This is something that your friendly, neighborhood tech will know how to do.

Outdoor Temperatures

Most people don’t ever think about the effect that the outside temperature can have on their unit. Well, it can impact the unit greatly, as it’ll cause it to freeze up in some situations. If the outside temperature in New York drops below 60 degrees during the cooling cycle, it will cause your unit to freeze. Solution: If the temp is 60 degrees or below and your temp is freezing, you’ll want to shut the system off and get in touch with a professional.  Frozen air conditioners can be the cause of minor problems or they can be the cause of major problems. Most people won’t know what they are dealing with until they turn to a trained professional. A New York tech can assess the situation, tell you what you are dealing with, and give you the best advice as to how you can proceed from there.

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