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Do You Really Need Air Conditioning Repairs?

Of course it is going to be the hottest day of the year when you air conditioner suddenly stops working.  While your first instinct may be to call a HVAC company to come out and fix it, you should first try to assess the issue to see if you can get it going again or tell your New York air conditioning technician what is not wrong with your system.

No Power to the System

While it may sound silly, you will want to check to make sure the air conditioner is plugged in if it is a window unit.  You may have forgotten to plug it back in if you were cleaning or you had just changed the filter.  If it is plugged in and it still won’t run at all, check the circuit breaker for your air conditioner.  You can do this step for your central unit as well.

The circuit breaker could have closed automatically if there was a sudden surge through the system that overloaded the breaker.  The breaker position may say ‘on’, but if you can wiggle the switch, it was probably closed and you can just turn it to ‘off’ and then back to the ‘on’ position.  If there is no wiggle in the switch, then your circuit breaker didn’t shut down and that isn’t your problem.

If there is still no power getting to the air conditioning system, whether it is a window unit or a central system, call in a New York air conditioning technician.  There could be a number of problems with your unit, including a shorted wire, a bad power supply or a bad connection.

Blowing Warm Air

If you have nothing but hot air coming through the vents, you may need to have your system recharged with Freon.  In many areas, only a licensed technician is allowed to perform this task, so you will need to call a licensed New York air conditioning tech for the job.

However, before making the call for New York air conditioning service, check your fan blower belt to see if it is worn or loose.  If it is worn, damaged or even broken, you are not going to get cool air coming from your unit because ice may have formed and you system will not work well.  You can either change the belt yourself or have a New York air conditioning company do the task for you.

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