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Cooling on a large scale

When dealing with skyscrapers or large industrial buildings, the use of HVAC or ‘Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning’ is essential. This system is air conditioning on a grand scale, with many floors and rooms to keep at just the right temperature.

This is the type of air conditioning system that is usually built with the building and not added at a later date.

  • How does it all work?

New York HVAC systems work in much the same way as other systems. The air from outside the building is drawn in through condenser units which are usually on the roof. After this, the air is cooled by the use of refrigerants or by water and glycol mixture. The coolant is allowed to heat up by the air from inside the building. It is then returned to outside air where it is allowed to cool and the refrigerant it returned to its liquid state.

There are many different types of New York HVAC system that are in use. They sometimes utilise natural air circulation as well with the use of opening windows and trickle outlets. It is thought that using the natural outside air in the process cuts down on diseases spreading so rapidly throughout a building.

For heating, some systems use the reverse of the air conditioning flow to draw out cold air and replace it with warm air. Other systems utilise furnaces in the building’s basement to heat water to send round to radiators within the building.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance of a system such as this, has to be dealt with by New York HVAC specialist contractors, who can maintain and repair the system at short notice. The system usually needs regular monitoring to ensure that the right temperature is being maintained throughout the building. Regular cleaning of the condenser units and servicing is also an essential part.

Maintaining proper air filtration is a very important part of the system. The sir filters remove particles, gases and other airborne particles before it is pumped into the office. This is essential to the healthy and safe working environment.

New York HVAC systems are designed to give the best possible working environment to the people working in the offices. The use of one system for heating ventilation and air conditioning, means that the system is far more efficient and cheaper than three separate ones.

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