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Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning In New York City NY

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning “HVAC” is a crucial component of modern homes in New York City. Without an HVAC system, homeowners would be forced to live in an environment that is unbearably hot in the summer and cold in the winter. An HVAC unit is much more than just a heating and cooling system. HVAC systems have been shown to improve air quality in homes, as they pull contaminants out of air. When there is no HVAC unit, the home’s occupants are inhaling these contaminants, resulting in upper and lower respiratory allergies – shortness of breath, dry cough, headache, stuffy nose, sore throat, sneezing, mucus secretion, and ear infection.

What Is AC Duct?

Flex and metal duct is utilized to deliver air from an HVAC unit to the interior of a home. The HVAC unit generates and forces air into flex ducts and into the interior of homes through floor, ceiling, or wall registers.

HVAC systems also need a duct that returns air from the interior of a home back to the unit. It is unfortunate, but most people do not give much thought to their AC ductwork. They know their AC units are connected to duct, but that is about the stint of it.

AC Duct Collects Contaminants

Without ducts, your AC would run continuously, generating cold and warm air that would be released directly into the environment. AC ducts are connected to registers installed in nearly every room of the home. AC registers are installed in dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, nurseries, and pantries. It is necessary to install registers throughout the home to ensure even cooling and heating.

While the HVAC unit is working hard to keep you and your family comfortable when temperatures are below freezing and above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the ductwork is collecting contaminants. Our HVAC technicians have detected everything from food crumbs to cat hair to insect carcasses to mold in AC ducts. Unfortunately, these contaminants are forced back into the home, where they become health hazards.

Dirt Ducts Lead To Poor Efficiency

Manufacturers, such as Rheem, American Standard, Goodman, RUUD, and Trane, believe in helping American consumers stay comfortable in their homes, utilizing minimal energy. Modern HVAC units should be rated by Energy Star as being energy-efficient. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the Energy Star rating program, as part of the Clean Air Act.

Energy Star-approved HVAC brands are guaranteed to operate efficiently. However, factors can alter the energy-efficiently rating. One example is the contaminants found in your HVAC duct.

Duct contaminants are not only forced back into the home but also back into the HVAC unit, resulting in poor efficiency.

Our Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning Service

Our professional AC duct cleaning is initiated with a visual inspection. Our NATE-certified technicians utilize lights and mirrors to inspect HVAC ductwork to determine if they are contaminated. If the ducts are determined to be contaminated, the technicians develop a cleaning strategy guaranteed to remove all contaminants, including bacteria, fungi, and debris.

The next step of the process is the removal of contaminants hiding deep inside the duct. We utilize powerful vacuums to suction debris out of the duct. But first, we protect the interior by sealing the registers to prevent the contaminants from reentering the home.

We utilize large rotary brushes to break the contaminants away from the interior walls of the duct, followed by more suctioning. This process is repeated until it is determined the ducts are 100 percent free of contaminants.

What signs point to a contaminated HVAC duct?

  • Upper and lower respiratory symptoms (coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath)
  • Unexplained increase in energy bill
  • Uneven cooling and heating
  • Dirty registers
  • Increased humidity levels
  • Foul odors

Our heating and air conditioning company in New York City employs the best HVAC technicians in the industry. We have been serving NYC for decades, cleaning HVAC ducts in commercial, residential, and governmental establishments.

The occupants of the home are at the highest risk because they are continuously inhaling and exhaling contaminants coming out of the ducts.

Free HVAC Duct Cleaning Consultation

We offer free consultations for our HVAC duct cleaning service. Our prices are fair and competitive with New York’s top HVAC companies. Be sure to inquire about our duct cleaning consultation by contacting our NYC location.

If you have any other HVAC issues please check out our services.

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