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Planning Your Sightseeing Trip To New York

When visiting New York the question isn’t, are there enough landmarks to make the trip meaningful? No, the question becomes, what should I see first. Whether you are planning a family outing or are going to be in the Big Apple on business, there is likely no way that you’ll have time to see everything that the entire city has to offer. This is unless, of course, you have about two weeks free, which is highly unlikely. This is where the question, which sights do I see first? comes in. So, which sights do you want to focus on and why?

The Empire State Building

You speak to any local or check out any travel magazine, forum, or article and you’ll see the Empire State Building at the top of the list every time. This is because it is probably easily one of the most iconic and memorable buildings in the world. It is not only a towering, iconic symbol to New York, but it stands as a major monument to America itself. Built back in the 30s, the structure of the building boasts a total height of 1,454 feet, including the antenna. Just to the roof is 1,250, so this is as high as you can get from the inside of the building. Its Art Deco design is a true testament to the artistic style itself and there is now a new observatory location open on the 80th floor. If you have true nerves of steel, you’ll venture up to the 102nd-floor observation deck.

9/11 Memorial And Museum

Most people already have a good understanding of New Yorkers’ resiliency and determination. If this is something you want to experience first-hand, you’ll check out the 9/11 Memorial. You don’t have to be American or even particularly patriotic to remember what happened on the eventful 9/11. This is no doubt a date that will live in the heart of every American and Muslim, as it changed both cultures for the foreseeable future. While the towering skyscrapers that once called this location home are no longer here, this site is still certainly worth a visit and offers a breath-taking reaction. You’ll get to check out tons of artifacts along with a variety of rotating topical exhibitions. There is also a neat, little education program available to tourists and the general public that’ll help get you better acquainted with New York and the horrible event that eradicated the towers that once stood tall here.

Stonewall Inn

Once again, the Stonewall Inn is a landmark that is so important and impressive because you don’t really have to be a member to truly appreciate the beauty and inspiration that the site gives off. You don’t have to be American or patriotic to appreciate the 9/11 Memorial, just like you don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQ community to appreciate what the Stonewall Inn offers. The site was home to the 1969 police raid in which lead to a variety of demonstrations that led to what is known as gay rights. It really is no wonder this building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2000.