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Why New York City Is A Tourist’s Dream

As more and more travel restrictions are being lifted, more and more families are gathering together and planning their dream getaways. Maybe you just a big upcoming business trip to the Big Apple. Whatever the situation is, New York City is truly a tourist’s dream vacation. With bustling cities, towering buildings, and thousands of historical landmarks, it really is no wonder the city draws in millions and millions of visitors each year. Want to know more? Continue reading?

The Empire State Building

When visiting New York City the real question becomes what should I see first? While there are tons of amazing things to choose from, there is nothing more marvelous or meaningful than the Empire State Building. This building is world-renowned and you’ve no doubt heard about, read about it, or seen it in some movie or on TV. Visitors can travel up to the observation deck, where the view from here will be even more memorizing than standing on the ground and looking up at the towering building itself. If you have the guts to make it all the way to the 102nd floor, it won’t be anything that you’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

Brooklyn Bridge

Know that famous Blue Bloods intro where you keep seeing a bridge flashing in the background behind the characters? Well, that’s the Brooklyn Bridge and there’s a reason the director chose this very bridge for such a New Yorker show like Blue Bloods. That is because the Brooklyn Bridge is the epitome of downtown New York. Take a walk across the bridge for free and you’ll be privy to a fabulous view of the city’s impressive skyline as well as viewing pleasure of the East River. Both are a must-see, but if you really want to take your viewing pleasures to the next level, you’ll take a walk across the bridge when the sun is setting.

One World Trade Center

There is perhaps nothing that spells America or shows what adversity Americans are capable of overcoming more than the One World Trade Center. Who doesn’t remember that horrible event that befell New York City on 9/11? Everyone from Muslims to America remembers this horrible event, as it impacted both cultures more than they could have ever imagined. Heck, it is still impacting both. That being said, this site alone is not only truly mesmerizing, but it is a true testament to what New Yorkers and Americans are capable of overcoming. While the Tower isn’t exactly where the Twin Towers used to be, it is extremely close, and it is recorded as being one of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere. With a height of 1,776 feet, this building brings a new meaning to towering. Make it to the top and you’ll be privy to spectacular views of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.

9/11 Memorial Museum

Speaking of 9/11, you’ll certainly want to stop by and pay your respects by spending a little bit of time at the 9/11 memorial. It is here that you can learn all about the tragedy that befell New York on that faithful day if you don’t already know the entire story. Whatever the situation, it’ll certainly be a landmark you’ll want to stop and check out.