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Flushing is a neighborhood in the north-central portion of New York City, New York borough of Queens. The community is the fourth-largest central business district in New York City. Downtown Flushing, a major commercial and retail area centered on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, is the third-busiest intersection in New York City, behind Times Square and Herald Square.

Flushing was established as a settlement of New Netherland on October 10, 1645, on the eastern bank of Flushing Creek. It was named Vlissingen, after the Dutch city of Vlissingen. The English took control of New Amsterdam in 1664, and when Queens County was established in 1683, the “Town of Flushing” was one of the original five towns of Queens. In 1898, Flushing was consolidated into the City of New York. The development came in the early 20th century with bridges and public transportation. An immigrant population, composed mainly of Chinese and Koreans, settled in Flushing in the late 20th century. Flushing is located in Queens Community District 7, and its ZIP Codes are 11354, 11355, and 11358. It is patrolled by the New York City Police Department’s 109th Precinct.

In the 21st century, Flushing has cemented its status as an international “melting pot,” predominantly attracting immigrants from Asia, particularly from throughout the various provinces of China, but including newcomers from all over the world. Flushing Chinatown is centered around Main Street and the area to its west, most prominently along Roosevelt Avenue, which has become the primary nexus of Flushing Chinatown.

Cultural Enclaves 

In the 1970s, a Chinese community established a foothold in the neighborhood of Flushing, whose demographic constituency had been predominantly non-Hispanic white. Taiwanese began the surge of immigration, followed by other groups of Chinese. A 1986 estimate by the Flushing Chinese Business Association approximated 60,000 Chinese in Flushing alone. By 1990, Asians constituted 41% of the core area of Flushing, with Chinese in turn representing 41% of the Asian population. Top HVAC NYC

The neighborhood of East Flushing, technically within Greater Flushing, also houses a substantial Chinese community and most Downtown Flushing. However, East Flushing also substantially includes Irish, Greek, Russian, Italian, and Jewish communities and communities of Indians, Sri Lankans, Malaysians, and Hispanics, primarily Colombians and Salvadorans. This neighborhood tends to be more diverse visibly than Downtown Flushing because of the more even distribution of the ethnicities of East Flushing residents resulting in more ethnic businesses catering to each community rather than the dominance of Chinese and, to a lesser extent, Korean companies in Downtown Flushing.

Restaurants Nearby

  • Tacos Bravos is located at 146 St &, Northern Blvd, Flushing, New York City, NY
  • IHOP is located at 15517 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY
  • Lucia Pizza is located at 136-55B, Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY


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