How to Care for Your HVAC New York, NY System

If you live some place where you get extremely hot summers or very cold winters, or both, keeping your heating and air conditioning system maintained can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills.  You can also save money by performing some of the simpler maintenance tasks yourself rather than calling out a technician and paying for a service call.

Keep Your System Clean with HVAC Contractors in New York

The easiest way to save money on your energy bills is to keep your system clean from dirt and debris.  To access your HVAC, NY residents may have to go to the roof of their building if it isn’t located in their basement or cellar.  To clean your system, first check the filter of your system.

If you know its been at six months since the filter has been cleaned or replaced, you need to go ahead and perform that task.  For replaceable filters, wash it and let it dry thoroughly before you replace it and do not run your system without a filter installed.  Keeping your filter clean will prevent dust being blown into your home through the air vents and keep your New York HVAC from working so hard to cool or heat your home.

Another tip for cleaning your HVAC New York NY homeowners can make sure the blades and the coils of the outdoor condenser are free from dirt and dust as well.  This will also keep your unit from having to overwork in order to heat and cool your home.  A system that has to work harder uses more electricity than a system that is clean and operates effortlessly.

Fixing Minor Problems

If your HVAC, New York, NY system is making clicking or grating noise when the condenser blades are operating, it may mean the blades are hitting an obstruction.  If a blade is bent, don’t try to straighten it as it could make the fan unbalanced.  Instead, replace the bent blade and make sure the fan moves freely before restarting your HVAC, New York, NY system.

Keeping your outdoor unit shaded can result in a 10% savings over the season because the unit won’t click on as often since the hot sun isn’t beating down on it.  Call for regular check-ups for your HVAC, New York, NY system before the start of cold or hot weather so you can prevent break downs when the weather is at its worst. Call us, you NYC HVAC expert today! Before checking out a HVAC contractor in New York, make sure you read the reviews… we have many!

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