Air Conditioner Units – Self Fix Tips

No-one enjoys that suffocating heat during the dead of summer but a powerful air conditioner unit in your home can certainly make it bearable. However what happens when your air conditioner suddenly stops working? Air conditioners New York City are found in just about every apartment window and it’s really no wonder when temperatures are known to soar into the high 90s and even above. While hiring a repairman can be inconvenient and expensive trying a few self-fix options may solve the problem. Let’s take a look at some common steps you can take.

When it comes to counting all the air conditioners NYC it would actually be impossible as there are so many. So with that many units it’s only natural to encounter problems. Typical air conditioners NYC are room air conditioners, which are also called window units. These units tend to be much smaller than their central air counterparts and are used to cool one or two rooms at a time. One of the most common problems that affect these units is dirt. Because it sits in the window, dirt, grime, and dust build-up really isn’t surprising. When it builds up it can clog up the fan, filters, and even block drain ports. Keeping the unit clean is a great way to prevent problems and if a problem does arise you can try to clean it yourself.

Another simple and quick fix can have to do with the circuit breakers. If the unit doesn’t seem to be doing a good job cooling the space or isn’t working at all this could be the reason. Reset the circuit breaker and see if that solves the problem, you may even need to change the fuse if it was blown.

Another self-fix that almost seems too easy for air conditioners NYC is to change the filter. If you’ve been using the unit a lot or you’ve had it awhile and never changed the filter, it’s time. Some filters are washable so before rushing to the store to buy a new one see if your unit requires it.

If the air conditioning unit keeps turning off it may be time to vacuum the coil fins. These are found on the outside of the unit and usually are wavy looking. Typically they are found on the right inside front cover. Before vacuuming the coils make sure the unit is off and unplugged. While vacuuming very slowly and gently turn the coils to ensure they are completely clean and debris free.

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